Watch the webinar: HR for re-opening – Your questions answered (55:26)

In this recording of a live broadcast we were joined by Caroline McEnery from The HR Suite where we discussed the following:

Right now businesses across tourism and hospitality are considering and planning HR policy changes in line with the necessary revisions to business strategy and the requirements of the recently introduced National Return to Work Safely Protocols in light of COVID-19.

As a consequence, this is likely to require negotiating changes to staff employment including revised working hours, managing staff absences, potential need to extend layoffs or as a last resort having to consider redundancies, all of which carry considerable HR risk that require careful management and execution with a detailed paper trail.

In this webinar Caroline McEnery, from The HR Suite responds to questions from industry owners and people managers seeking clarity around the management of risks associated with implementing a revised HR strategy in line with revised business strategies, in view of COVID-19.

Topics & timings

00.00 – Meet our expert – Caroline McEnery

02.07 – Agenda for webinar

05.24 – Employers role in providing a safe place to work

05.47 – Meeting the National Return to Work Safely Protocol requirements 

10.31 – Changes to working hours and arrangements

16.22 – Support resources – FAQ, checklist and form

22.04 – Employment supports and payments

24.09 – Key HR risks associated with re-opening

26.42 – Q&A – pre-submitted and live questions

30.51 – What do I do now?

49.59 – Summary & additional supports and training