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We want to help tourism and hospitality businesses make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to Ireland’s net-zero goal. By embracing sustainability, you’ll not only become more environmentally friendly but also find ways to cut costs for your business.

To help you get started, we’ve provided a user-friendly Climate Action Roadmap complete with a series of guides and supports for your Climate Action journey.

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Climate Action Programme

Thank you for your interest in the Fáilte Ireland Climate Action Programme. Due to unprecedented demand from the first intake of businesses, the Programme is currently oversubscribed and is now temporarily closed to new applicants.

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Energy Management for Tourism Businesses


Energy is a major outgoing cost in the tourism and hospitality sector, and with the recent steep rises in the cost of energy introducing even small changes across your business, you’ll make noticeable savings and become more sustainable at the same time.

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Carbon Calculator & International benchmarks


You can’t manage what you don’t measure! Measuring your carbon footprint is relatively straightforward if you have all the necessary information to hand. We have resources to get you started.

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Carbon emissions calculator

Learn how to calculate the carbon footprint of your business, which can help you along your climate action journey.

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Climate action roadmap

Learn about your carbon footprint, top tips and all of our other guides that can help you along your climate action journey.

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Energy management

Learn how minimising energy consumption using renewable energy alternatives will save costs and reduce carbon emissions.

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Water management

Explore our guide for suggestions on how your business can reduce water consumption, resulting in a lower water bill.

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Waste management

Find out how waste management can reduce your carbon footprint which can directly lead to cost savings.

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Your climate action story

Learn how to promote and market your Climate Action initiatives to the consumer. From savvy tips to pointers in the right direction.

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Carbon offsetting

Learn about carbon offsetting and how to reduce carbon emissions to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.

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Find out how enhancing biodiversity in your business or location is a great place to start actioning climate change.

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Meetings and events

Learn how to run a climate-friendly meeting or event that incorporates environmental considerations.

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Discover more about the importance of festivals for climate action from applying influence and inspiration to engaging with audiences.

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Video Resources

Climate action resources

Carbon Calculator: Climate Toolkit 4 Business

Use this toolkit to learn all the practical ways to start taking action on your zero carbon journey.

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Case studies

Our Case Studies shine a spotlight on businesses that have taken steps to address climate action and how that has benefited their tourism business.

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