Webinar: Driving bookings in September and beyond

Expert Webinars – Driving Bookings in September and Beyond 

As businesses move beyond the initial reopening and relaunching phase, it is important to look ahead and devise plans that will drive demand in September and beyond. To assist, Fáilte Ireland has created these tailored and tactical webinars to help businesses navigate the ever-changing consumer landscape and leverage all available opportunities in the market. 

An in-depth review of the latest in consumer insights has been combined with tactics to capitalise on consumer intent and optimise revenue generating opportunities to improve the bottom line.  

The videos and presentations focus on how to: 

  • Interpret and leverage valuable insights on consumer behaviours and intent.
  • Rethink and reposition your offer to appeal to the consumers driving demand and spend.
  • Effectively communicate with potential customers.  
  • Best optimise revenue during a customer’s visit.

Timings: Consumer Insights & Trends

00:01 Introduction

03:23 Overview of Consumer Insights

04:05 Changes in Consumer Mindset & Mood

13:34 Domestic Stats – What the Numbers Tell Us

21:00 What Consumers are Looking For

23:16 How Consumers Plan & Research

24:35 Target Segment: Unconstrained Adults

33:21 Target Segment: Young Adults

34:30 Summary

36:04 Q&A

Timings: Leverage Consumer Insights to Drive Demand & Spend                                                                             

00:01 Introduction

04:14 PART 1 – Messaging & Communication

04:43 Understanding the Data & Insights

08:37 Creating your Value Messaging

14:49 Communicating Your Value Message

17:58 Health & Safety

23:43 Summary & Key Takeaways for PART 1

27:51 PART 2 – Optimising Revenue & Spend

32:51 Key Insights for Revenue & Distribution

34:43 Channel Management

43:52 Pricing

48:58 Product & Revenue Opportunities

52:21 Summary & Key Takeaways for PART 2

54:05 Q&A