Meeting your employer obligations

As an employer, you must ensure that your employees receive certain basic employment rights. Fáilte Ireland is committed to supporting you to fulfil your obligations as an employer, and in turn, to provide a great workplace for your employees. 

These videos, created with HR experts, cover a range of important topics. They offer comprehensive guidance and information on all topics covered, including recent changes to employment legislation and codes of practice. The videos and their accompanying resources will enable you to ensure that you meet your obligations as an employer, while building a positive employer brand and providing a workplace that is valued by your employees. 

Meeting Your Employer Obligations – Live Webinar

Two business women in a meeting with text that reads: 'Meeting your employer obligations: Register now for your upcoming webinar on recent legislative changes.'

Register here for our expert webinar taking place on the 7th of February. This webinar will clarify queries on current employment legislation and recent changes, helping you to navigate this suite of video guides to ensure you meet your employer obligations.

Employment contracts and their terms and conditions

Payment of wages

Managing staff leave – types of leave affecting all employees 

Managing staff protective leave – carer’s leave, force majeure leave, and work life balance

Managing staff protective leave – leave relating to pregnancy and parenting

Managing staff working time

Equality and diversity

Health and safety at work

Implementing the code of practice on the prevention and resolution of bullying at work

Preventing and dealing with harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace