What will I learn

We have a comprehensive selection of short video led courses covering all the HR aspects of managing employee entitlements. These courses also include guides and templates to assist you in meeting your employer obligations.

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Changes in employment entitlements

There have been recent legislative changes to employee entitlements. These impact both Staff Pay and Staff Leave and these courses have been updated to reflect the new employee entitlements.

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New update – Payment of wages (Duration: 20 mins)

This course will help you further understand your obligations as an employer in terms of  minimum wage, sick pay and policies on tips.

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New update –  Managing staff leave (Duration: 20 mins) 

Find out more about managing staff leave, employee leave entitlements and the recent changes in legislation that affect your obligations as an employer.

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New update – Managing Staff Protective Leave (Duration 15 mins)

This course covers your employer obligations concerning protective leave, alongside offering key strategies for effectively managing it.

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Managing Staff Protective leave – Pregnancy and parenting

Find out more about your obligations as an employer for protected leave such as pregnancy and parenting leave.

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Managing Staff Working Time

This course will help you understand your employer obligations and how you can manage your staff working time.

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Employment Contracts and their terms and conditions

This course can help you understand your obligations as an employer for employment contracts and it also provides handy templates.

Preventing and dealing with harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace

Learn about your obligations as an employer as well as how you can ensure best practice for preventing and dealing with harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace.

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Health and Safety at work

This short course will provide you with a greater understanding of how to proactively manage health and safety at work.

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Equality and Diversity in the workplace

These resources will give you a greater understanding of policies and procedures to support equality and diversity in the workplace.

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Code of practice on prevention and resolution of bullying at work

Learn how the National code of practice on bullying at work affects your obligations as an employer as well as guidance on handling investigations.