What will I learn?

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Important accessible information in trip planning

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Negotiating travel for those with access needs and accessible public realm and experience features when in Destination

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Accessible customer service in Action including Customer feedback to inform continuous improvement and visitor loyalty



Introductory Guide to Accessible Tourism

This Introductory Guide is an important starting point for you and your team in developing the accessibility of your business and can support staff awareness, training and inspire low cost no cost ways you can begin your business journey to be more inclusive for all.

  • Who is our accessible tourism visitor?
  • The size of the market and its potential
  • The importance of Accessibility Information
  • Universal Design for Accessibility
  • Accessibility standards for Websites
  • Low-cost/No-cost ways to improve accessibility of your business.
  • Accessibility in Action
  • What the Legislation requires


Good Practice Case Studies 

Case studies of successful businesses in Accessible Tourism

Accommodation sector case study: Applying the principles of universal design – Motionspot

5 mins

Activities sector case study: ‘Access for All’ award winner – Sandcastle Waterpark

7 mins

Visitor attraction case study: Customer service and staff training – Royal Yacht Britannia

8 mins

Legislation & Universal Design Guidance 

Guidance for Irish businesses – universal design and legislation

Implications of key legislation for accessibility

5 mins

Best practice in accessible communications

6 mins