Industry update: Where to access COVID-19 support

January 26, 2021

While businesses remain closed Fáilte Ireland has tailored a series of supports and financial planning tools, which will equip you with what you need to make future decisions — enabling you to successfully navigate the challenges of the pandemic and providing support in a difficult time.

With a focus on HR, finance and wellbeing these supports will help you to put plans in place using tailor-made tools for your specific sector alongside webinars dealing with questions that have arisen in light of the pandemic.

HR supports

Use our HR supports to help with areas such as restructuring, understanding new policies, updating payroll and scenario planning. These two webinars address new industry questions with updated information and guidance for managing critical HR challenges in a timely manner.

Financial planning

When it comes to financial planning, our supports offer a range of sector specific advice that can help with everything from cashflow statements to safeguarding future revenue. We understand that the decisions made now will be an important part of recovery and aim to offer guidance and assistance to equip you for the months ahead.

Employee wellbeing

The COVID-19 crisis is one of the most challenging and difficult times the tourism industry has ever faced. Business owners, employees and people who are self-employed are facing uncertainty about the future of their jobs and businesses. Fáilte Ireland has launched a suite of supports to help the industry through this difficult time, on both a professional and personal level.